12 Habits That Go with A Healthy Body

12 Habits That Go with A Healthy Body


So for today we’ve come up with a roundup of 12 great tips (you don’t necessarily have to follow all of them) which are going to help you achieve or maintain a healthy body. These range from simple day-to-day routines, to minding exterior factors such as your mental stability in order to perform to your max.

Breakfast Healthy Life

Have breakfast

One of the most important tips we can probably list is for you to have a healthy well-balanced breakfast consisting of a piece of fruit, plenty of fibers (bread, cereal, oatmeal and such) and water or a smoothie. It’s extremely important to start your metabolism processes up in the morning and give you that energy boost to get you ready for the day.


Plan your meals

Similarly to keeping a diary when it comes to planning your workouts in order to keep improving your performance, your meals should be planned around that. When you are looking to develop your muscles, go with lean meat whereas you’d be eating pasta’s in order to feed a more triathlon oriented look.


Water - Drink Water


Even though our bodies exist out of 60%, even the slightest percentage less will leave you craving for it.

So with that said, it’s important that you take enough water in to satisfy these needs, especially before, during and after working out when you are prone to lose the most in the form of transpiration.



Small exercise breaks

As we are all working we have to cherish those little breaks we are able to take (lunch) and make them into more than they are by not just sitting on your bum and eating. Instead use the time given effectively by doing small exercises before eating. Climb a flight of stairs 5 times and then go at it to feel you’ve earned the meal you've been waiting for OR work up a sweat and with that the mood for food, which you didn’t have beforehand.

Take a Breath & Go Offline

Go offline

Being mentally in a stable and confident will attribute a lot to your results of the workout. As social media is a huge (for many at least) factor to your daily life’s experience, it would be a great idea to “Go offline” by putting your phone down an hour or so before your workout to reach a calm state and be fully focused on the workout you are going to do.


Doing new things

Aside from a variety in the exercises you are doing, they might become a drag and for that reason, try working out in a different way by doing/trying out different forms of activity that work out the same muscle groups. Think of sports such as kayaking, climbing, boxing and such.

Doing new things like Surfing and Climbing

Quit bad habits

Might seem easier to say than do, but it ought to be mentioned nevertheless. Habits like smoking, excessive drinking, fast food stops are part of those.


Sleep well

Another habit of achieving/maintaining a healthy body is ensuring you get enough sleep. Working out on only 3 to 4 hours of sleep will take you down quickly. Aim for about 6-8 hours and perform to the max.


Work out regularly

A big part of maintaining a healthy body and one of our best tips is to workout regularly. When you don’t you might be overdoing your workout easily as you don’t have an actual measurement tool aside from your feeling (not always the best measurement tool, feeling). Prevent soreness of your muscles over the long term by doing regular workouts and stick to your routines.


Head outdoors

Working out at the gym is great and all, but go out and get some sun (Vitamin D) every now and then. It prevents your physical exercises from becoming boring and a drag and will teach you more about your direct environment (hiking)

Outdoor Running - Keep Your Balance

Keep your balance

When you have a goal in mind, usually people go straight for it to ensure its achieved as soon as possible. Sculpting your body and health usually takes a bit of time. Don’t overdo it and make sure you exercise evenly to achieve a symmetrical result.


Mentally stable

Take plenty of rest. Meditation, yoga and simple walks are a great set of exercises that help enormously in keeping you think straight. A week filled with workouts can easily become stressful, combine that with a stressful job and your cup is about to spill over. Incorporate a yoga session of an hour into your weekly activity and maintain your composure and achieve/maintain the body you want.

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